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I work with women to release their fear, minimize confusion, and break down barriers that block them from trading time for dollars to find success in what appears to be an overly complicated stock market maze.


Hey sunshine, when it comes to women and money, the odds are just not in our favor.   Women are known to have less time in the workforce, live longer than men, and are way too conservative with our savings.  But, knowing this, women rarely turn to the stock market to make their money work for them.

You know why?

The other F-bomb: FEAR . . . Over the past 10 years, women have shared with me that they don’t invest in the market because of the following fears:

  • Fear of losing money

  • Fear of being clueless

  • Fear of embarrassment

  • Fear of working with numbers

  • Fear of making money (I know, right!?!)

  • Fear of not having enough money to start

Honey, I’ve heard it all before.  It stops them dead in their tracks from ever reaching a level of financial success that they so deserve.  They don’t believe they can do it or that it will just take too much time to learn how to invest in the stock market because it just seems too overwhelming.


Were you aware that women who invest are actually great investors and their investments tend to make more money than the men who invest? Of course, you did.  Do you know why? Because we are patient, pay attention to detail, and make 82% of the buying decisions in our household.  These are the perfect ingredients for becoming a great investor.  That’s why I designed this simple and easy challenge because I know that there are women like yourself, who REALLY want to become great investors, but just don’t know where to even start.

This challenge gives you 21 days of simple and doable tasks to learn:

  • How to select stocks

  • How to build a stock money machine

  • How to avoid losing your skirt

  • How to create passive income

  • How to start with a limited investment

Through daily tasks, mixed with motivation and a small dose of math, you’ll commit to self-care in the form of stock market investing that you’ll want to go tell it on the mountain.


Every day for 21 days, you and your fellow #StockSistars will receive a really simple task to cultivate an introduction and basic understanding of how to invest with stocks that will put you on the path to financial security and freedom.

You’ll get:

  • A Word of the Day – to know how to talk the talk

  • A Daily Activity – short and simple task that moves you closer to the money

  • A Friday Free99 – a freebie every Friday that consists of a tool to make investing easier

  • A FREE Private Facebook Group – Join other #StockSistars for support as you make your way through the challenge

  • Live Q & A – to be sure your voice is heard and that you get your questions answered

Plus, you’ll get access to me and the opportunity to join fellow #StockSistars on-the-rise for this 21-day FREE challenge


In case you don’t know me already, I’m Cassandra and the creator of The Stocks & Stilettos Society. I’m not your average financial advisor in that I went from humble beginnings to managing what seemed like a gazillion dollars for the 1% for some pretty well known institutions.

In the beginning of my career, this provided me with a birds-eye view on a whole new world of financial mastery that only a few are privy to. Essentially, I was learning while my clients were earning. After building up a sufficient knowledgebase and working alongside my college mentor, I used the tips and strategies that I implemented for my clients to build my very own money machine. So much so, I fired my boss and started my very own Registered Investment Advisory firm to work with individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that deserved a higher level of service. It’s turned out to be one of the best decisions in my professional life to this day.  There were some very bright and intelligent women (and men), who helped me along the way and this FREE challenge is just my little way of paying it forward.

Now, I get to work with women as their financial cheerleader and root for them on their investing journey to financial independence. I believe that with the proper guidance and preparation anyone can thrive, financially – including you!


Women who are sick and tired of being afraid to learn about the stock market. They want to set up a new direction for their finances and know that investing is a way for them to stop trading time for money, because scared money don’t make money.

Each day you will receive an email that will give you access to the task, word of the day, freebie or Live Q & A. Each email builds on the next to ensure you get a basic foundation. No worry if you fall behind, as there will be a chance to catch up along the way.

Yep. 100% free. But, there will be an opportunity for you to accelerate your learning, work with me one-on-one, and/or enroll in The Stocks & Stilettos Bootcamp filled with advance investment topics. So, YES the challenge is FREE and YES, I’ll introduce other ways we can partner together to assist you with getting to the next level with your finances.

The challenge starts on January 9th.  Therefore, you need to join us before January 9th to get everything in full for the challenge.